Greenhouse: How Do I Get Money?

Greenhouse: How do i get money

Greenhouse:How Do I get Money?

Make Money Fast In Your Greenhouse

How do I get money? Greenhouses offer an easy way to make money fast. I use the resources that I have built up through the years. What I mean is I take the seed from all the plants I have planted over the years and then I plant them in my greenhouse. This will give them an extra long growing season in the first year of their life. Greenhouses will extend the growing season 3 sometimes 4 and 5 months. Selling vegetable starts is the fastest way to make money gardening.

Greenhouse Super Grow System

Seeds planted in my greenhouse also receive bottom heat for the germination period and until they get at least 4 leaves. This makes the roots strong and healthy. It’s really a pretty cool little system I’ve got set-up it’s kinda like a super charged growing system. Because I have a little greenhouse inside my large greenhouse that get’s bottom heat and it also is sort of a heating system for the whole greenhouse. It has a heating chamber that holds the heat longer and keeps the ambient temps way higher than just a normal heater in the room would. This also keeps the night time temps from dipping down so low because the air always stays warmer around the coldest side of the greenhouse. I can’t say enough good things about this method of growing plants at a much faster rate. The warmer the soil is the better the plants grow. Even when it’s very cold outside. Just don’t start your veggie plants too early or you will end up with tall very spindly plants. You want them to be 6 – 12 inches tall when ready to sell. Otherwise they are a little harder to sell. Plus they take up too much room. Which is space you need.

How to Make Money Selling Plants You Grow In Your Greenhouse

So, here is how I get money? I sell these plants at a much earlier stage of their life because they have had a longer growing cycle each year. So a plant that would normally take 3-4 years for it to sell will sell in 1-2 years. I highly recommend this method. It really works and makes me money in fact I’ve already started my crops for this year, which is kind of late but I have been very busy. So, how do I get money? I sell my little gems on craigslist and other classifieds. Farmers markets are a great place to sell your plants. Or plant swap meets. Vegetable starts are a big hit with many people because they want home grown. People want organic. And they want to grow their own vegetables. And this is just another way to make money gardening. For more information on greenhouse gardening check out If You like my posts please leave me a comment or feel free to ask a question or two? Or check out my new store

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By Jeff Gabelman