Gardening Money Can Save Money

Gardening money is a great thing. Let me tell you a little bit about it. When you go to the store to buy fresh vegetables. Do you ever save the seeds of some of these vegetables? Think about it you buy a green bell pepper for say $1 you go home you cut out the seeds and stem and pitch them in the trash. Well think about this what if you save the seeds from it. I’m going to say 50 to 100 seeds. Dry them out. Then plant them. Plant them all.

One Step Closer To Gardening Money

When they get a little size to them separate them and re-pot. Into 4 inch pots once they get a little size to them fertilize them. Put them in a sunny place. Start placing ads for vegetables starts. Tell everyone you know you have green bell pepper plants for sale for $1 a piece. I’d bet you’ll sell them all. In fact I have done this many times before and it works great every time. Gardening money comes from very little effort. I mean a few free seeds a little soil, some water and sun. Very little effort can make you quite a bit of gardening money. You sell all the plants say 100 you just made a $99 dollar profit from one dollar. And it does work I’ve done it with tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. This year I’m adding 3 more vegetable plants to be sold in my gardening money operation. But what if you took say 5 of those plants for each vegetable and grew them all out for the produce and sold some of it. Then you would be making even more from that one single dollar spent at the grocery.

Gardening Money

Gardening Money
Growing Garlic

I’m doing ¬†that very same thing with garlic plants. I have 70 plants growing right now as we speak. That is one easy plant to grow. For sure. I’ve watered them maybe 4 times in 2 months. They are very slow growing right now because of the cold but they are in the greenhouse ground beds.

Gardening Money Fast Money

After just a couple of weeks these plants will be ready to sell. That is fast easy gardening money. For just a couple of weeks work. And very little work I might add. And the longer you care for them the bigger they get. The bigger they get the more they are worth. So as you can see the potential for making some serious gardening money in just a month or two is staggering. I’m employing a whole new method this year and getting some help. That should seriously up my production. Anyways good luck to everyone. Now get out there and make some gardening money!

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By Jeff Gabelman