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Make Money Growing Plants At Home

To make money growing plants at home you can sell flowers or other perennials. Trees, shrubs, vegetable starts, bamboo or even sell produce. I make money growing plants at home. And I have to say I love it. The sun, rain and soil do most of the work for me. And I love it when the work is done for me. Now with that being said you still have to do some of the work for yourself. Like selling the plants. It takes quite a bit of effort to sell the plants, but just like anything else the more you do it the better you get at it. Just like writing these posts. It gets easier every-time I do it. It seem like the words just come to me. I mean I am writing about the methods I use to make money growing plants at home. But when you have done it over and over again it gets easier. I have these for sale right now for only $100 a clump. That is incredible pricing for plants of this size. Don’t believe me go price them through other bamboo sites.

Make Money Growing Plants: Bamboo

So my specialties include Bamboo, vegetable starts and water plants. I also sell trees, seeds and products made from bamboo. Every year my business expands and the list of products grows and grows. Just like the plants I grow and sell. I love working from home. There is nothing like it. Doing something different every day keeps it fresh and exciting. The only bad part of it is, you’re so busy making everyone else’s yard look good that your own yard suffers. This year I was so busy that I can barely find time to cut the grass and do the trimming.

Planning To Make Money Growing Plants

Winter is the time to do all of your planning. This Spring I will be putting in my solar panels to heat and light the greenhouse. Winter is late this year and it has been so warm that the flowers are confused. They have already started coming up a month or two early. But hey, I’m not complaining I love this warmer weather in winter. It might hurt some plants though. Most of the flowers that are coming up can handle cold temps. I have some birds living in the greenhouse. I guess they decided to wait it out. But think they will be fine in there all winter. I feel like we are going to get hit hard by old man winter though. And it will probably prolong the winter months. I hope not because that is my best time to sell my plants. Those are the most important months to make money growing plants.

Finish What You Start

You must follow through to make money growing plants. Never give up. Keep trying to make it better and bigger and your new business will succeed. I am living proof of that. You will be surprised at what you can do when you put your mind to it. If you would like to see all of our products check out my Amazon Store Here are a few of our reviews from verified Amazon customers.

From Brie,

Excellent seller and product. Prompt delivery and everything was as advertised. Now I just have to overcome my own brown thumb…

From David,

An absolute pleasure to do business with, Great Communication, I highly recommend this seller! THANK YOU!!!

From Emily,

Arrive well before the estimated arrival date and included very clear instructions on how to plant the plant. Got a free notepad out of it. Overall great business and I was very pleased with the service they provided.

Thank You

Jeff Gabelman

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Profitable Gardening

Profitable gardening is gardening to make money. There are thousands and thousands of plants you can grow and sell. Many of these plants are very easy to grow and don’t require a lot of care to get them ready to sell. Some of these plants can be grown within a couple of months. Such as vegetable starts. And some require a few years to get ready. But when you think about it nature does most of the work for you. You just have to lay the ground work. Organic gardening is how I do it. Just for the simple fact that it is the cheapest and easiest way to garden. Plus there is a huge demand for plants grown organically. They are easy to sell and fun to grow. And whatever I have leftover goes right into my own garden. It is fun to can the vegetables at harvest time. It is also nice to have homegrown vegetables all year long, which is why we can them. Profitable gardening is not only about making money. Profitable gardening is also about saving money. If you can store vegetables it will save you money. Which results in profitable savings.

Profitable Gardening To Make A Living

Many of these plants can be grown to make a living from. Such as bamboo. I sell bamboo all year long, even in the winter. In fact in the winter is when my prices are at their lowest. For the simple fact that I sell less in the winter. So if you are looking for the best deals on buying bamboo come see me in the winter. Like right now I have incredible deals going on as I write this. Gabelman’s Gardens also guarantees the plants you buy. What other nurseries will do that. Not many or any that I know of. And right now you can get first pick of the best plants we have to offer. Bamboo are dormant right now so in my honest opinion it is the best time to buy and plant. But everyone wants to wait until Spring. Just keep in mind that in the Spring my prices will go back up do to supply and demand. And also the fact that I get extremely busy growing the vegetable starts. And that is my season to make the most money I can in a very short period of time. And my phone rings off the hook for all kinds of plants. The more you offer the more you sell. And i can’t stress enough what profitable gardening has done for me. It allows me to spend much more time with my family.

Profitable Gardening On A Low Budget

Profitable gardening on a low budget is what it is all about for me. Because the less I spend on getting these plants ready to sell, the more profit there is to be made and if you save your seeds like I do, it’s almost free. Aside from buying the little pots to sell the plants in there is really no cost to me. I mean I use homemade organic garden soil. I use rainwater to water them with. And I use fish waste to fertilize with. I grow them in my greenhouse for free and they are ready to sell as soon as the big box stores are ready to sell. My prices are cheaper than theirs and my plants are organically grown. And let me be the first to say organic grown plants sell like hotcakes.

Profitable Gardening With A Greenhouse

Profitable gardening with a greenhouse is a way to get started months ahead of what is outside. With your greenhouse you can get a major head start on growing your plants. Because even a cold greenhouse is much warmer than the outdoor temperatures. Now add a little heat to that greenhouse and you could grow all year long. Wouldn’t that be incredible? I will find out in 2016 when I grow for the first time all year long. I have purchased some solar panels that is going to make this possible. I can’t wait until Spring to set this new system up.

Profitable Gardening Getting Started

Start out small and then when you get control over what you are going to grow and sell, then you can expand. If You try to do too much right away you may get discouraged and want to quit. So keep it small to start and gradually expand your capabilities. It is how I started and I have grown this business into something that I can be proud of. To check out all of my products go to my Amazon Store Check out these verified Amazon customer reviews.

From Nicki,

These arrived earlier than expected–healthy and clearly packaged with care. They came with handwritten notes, specific to the individual grants and their care. I am so impressed with this level of personal attention and customer service, and I will definitely try to shop with this vendor again!

From Greg,

This is a seller that cares about customers and is proud to support their products! Thank you!

From Brenda,

This is wonderful plant and so much larger than I expected. The seller sent a little book with the plant that had great instructions. I highly recommend Gabelman’s Gardens.

Thank You

Jeff Gabelman

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Heating Your Greenhouse In The Winter

Heating your greenhouse in the winter can get costly sometimes. But with the help of solar panels you could actually heat it for free. Greenhouses can get quite cold in the winter. Some plants can handle the cold. Some cannot. Most of the popular vegetables will need heat to grow in the winter. Like tomatoes and peppers. They need it to stay around 70 to 80 degrees to keep them producing fruit. Just remember one thing about the greenhouse. The floor is where most of the cold comes from. If you insulate the floor you will be able to heat it much easier and your heat will last longer. Because heat rises so if your floor stays warm so will the rest of your greenhouse. The ceiling will release much of the days stored heat. And should be insulated as well. A good layer of bubble wrap will go a long way to hold in more heat. Or even a simple clear plastic drop cloth will do wonders. Even dead air space acts as a great insulator. That being said you must insulate with something clear, that will still let in the required amount of light. Heating your greenhouse in the winter is not as hard as it might sound. I mean you are already going to be warmer than outdoors because it is not exposed to the elements. So it will already be about 10-15 degrees warmer inside the greenhouse. You just need to take it to the next level. Which is trapping that heat and holding it as long as possible. Now don’t get me wrong if you trap it in too small of a space you could start a fire. So make sure to use only heaters that will shut off if it gets too hot. Usually heaters will have a thermostat to keep them from starting a fire. But a heater too close to combustible material will still catch fire. Heating your greenhouse in the winter can be kind of fun actually. Making the necessary changes along the way and learning how to control the heat is a big part of greenhouse winter gardening. It is crazy how much you can learn by just doing things over and over again. In the past 19 years I have learned so much about growing plants and turning it into a business that supports me now. And I have to tell you I love every minute of it. There truly is no greater pleasure than working from home. And I have no regrets about doing this, other than I only wished I had started 30 years earlier.

Solar Heating Your Greenhouse In The Winter

Solar heating your greenhouse can have many different meanings depending on how you plan to do it. You can use barrels of water to gather heat during the day. But to be honest I haven’t had much luck with that. They don’t seem to heat up enough for my needs. I have tried the stacks of black painted cans inside a glass front box. Not much luck with that method either. So I came to the conclusion that the only free way to really make this work is to spend some money first. I know that is not free but, it will pay itself off. I guarantee it. So what I did was. I went to Harbor Freight and bought me 2 new 45 watt solar panels. I have a collection of batteries and most of the stuff I need to get me some free heating for my greenhouse. Now, you ask. How will this pay itself off? Well easy, if I have more time to grow the plants I need to grow I can grow more. More plants equals more money. It really is as simple as that. As I sell the plants I regain the money I spent and hopefully I will make my money back in one year. You would be surprised at how many plants you can grow and sell in one year. Heating your greenhouse in the winter gives you so many options that you don’t have in a cold greenhouse. Now I haven’t gotten everything running yet. Because I don’t have the time this year. And I don’t have everything I need just yet. But I am closer than I have been since I started. And I have been planning this from the beginning. So once I put it all together it’s gonna be amazing. It will change everything for me and my business. Sometimes it gets hard to find the time you need to do the extra things you want to do. So you just have to take it one day at a time. With all the tools in place gardening will take on a whole new meaning. And I will be heating my greenhouse in the winter for free. If you would like to see all of my products go check out my Amazon Store or see my ads in the sidebar. If you need help learning how to heat you greenhouse I can help. (859)242-1602 Jeff.

Thank You

Jeff Gabelman

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