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Organic Greenhouse Gardening

Organic greenhouse gardening is all about you and your soil. After all you control every aspect of gardening inside your greenhouse and you must give the plants what they need. It is not like gardening outdoors. When it rains you still have to water the plants in the greenhouse. Because you control everything about growing plants in the greenhouse. Organic greenhouse gardening is just like it sounds. Organic soils, fertilizers and water. Anything else would not be organic grown. Organic greenhouse gardening can be free if you save the seeds from previous years crops. Save water in a rain barrel and make your own soils. It really is free. Unless you decide to heat your greenhouse. Which all depends on many different factors. Like what you are going to grow. How you are going to grow them. What you are going to do with the plants when they are grown. And many other things that I am not mentioning. But it is fairly easy to do. Again depending on the plants you are growing.

Organic Greenhouse Gardening Decisions

This year I am only growing vegetable starts to sell. I have decided that for me it is the best use of the space and will make the most money for me. Other plants just take too long to grow and I don’t have that kind of time to wait. Organic greenhouse gardening is fun because it is free and I love making money from free stuff. And I love growing from seed because it is a little exciting for me to see the little seeds pop. As soon as they come up and get about 4-6 leaves I transplant them into individual pots and set them in a warm humid place. it takes a day or two for them to recover but once they have space to grow away from all the other baby plants they start to grow like crazy. In about a month they will be ready to sell. The bigger they get before you sell them the more you can charge for them. I have seen very small tomato plants sell for $3.49 at some other nurseries. And they weren’t even organic grown plants. I have also seen them sell for up to $8.49 for large plants and they will sell out as well. Many grocery stores sell them for high prices and still sell them all just because it is convenient for people to buy them.

Organic Greenhouse Gardening Why I Do This

One thing I know for sure is people buy vegetable starts every year and they always will. That is why I do this year after year. It is like guaranteed income. The more you have the more you can make. Organic greenhouse gardening is a little different because people will drive for miles to get organic grown vegetable plants. Organic sells much better than non-organic. And that is a fact. As long as you do the leg work to sell the little plants you can sell them out every year. You have a limited window in which to do this so you must have the plants ready in time. Which is something I am still working on. I think I have it this year as mine are already starting to sprout. Now I have a month or even two to get them ready to sell. Which should not be a problem at all. With my little set-up it is sure to be a success for the 4th year in a row. Selling out every plant for the last 3 years I am stepping up production big time.


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13 Ways To Make Money Gardening

The 13 Ways To Make Money Gardening

The 13 ways to make money gardening are my secrets of how to succeed in the gardening business. The 13 ways to make money gardening are my experiences. This is the story of how I changed my life. The secrets of my successes and failures. A way to make some extra cash or even a living at it. If I can do it you can too. Making money gardening is something I started doing for fun and ended up growing my hobby into a business. Everything I am about to share with you is the truth and no fluff. I promise. Simply because I only know it, if I have done it myself. I have tried and failed at many things in my life but gardening isn’t one of them. I mean don’t get me wrong I have had plants fail and die on me. But I do feel like I have a green thumb. Along the way I have come up with 13 ways to make money gardening. Each one of these 13 ways to make money gardening are proven to work time and time again. Year after year and I still use all of these. Of course there are more than 13 ways to make money gardening but these are mine and they are proven to work for me. They may not work under your growing conditions but I use organic gardening methods. Everything is organic right down to the water that waters the plants. So conditions may vary.

13 Ways To Make Money Gardening: Vegetable Starts

1. I am starting with this one because it is my favorite. Growing and selling vegetable starts is a great way for the beginner gardener to make a little cash with very little work involved. Which is why it is my favorite. You start by getting some organic soil. You plant some seeds and a few weeks later you sell them. Now you do still have to do a little work getting them going and watering them, but after that it is all cake work. The little plants sell every year and are starting to become a very large part of my business. They are so easy to grow and they sell like hot cakes. I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it years ago. This will be my 4th season of doing this and it gets bigger and better every year. With the addition to my greenhouse I will be producing up to 20,000 seedlings this year. You could actually do this alone and make thousands and thousands of dollars in little to no time at all. Usually a couple of months. It is pretty simple to do and believe me some gardening jobs are very tough. The trick to this one is figuring out when to start the little plants to have them ready in time for gardening season. And to beat the big box store prices. I still haven’t figured out the right date yet but I am working on it. I will save that for another post. And you have to know how to get the word out.

Water Gardening For Profit

2. Water gardening is a fun hobby and also a great way to make money gardening. I started out doing this just for fun, because I wanted to raise some fish. Then I met a guy who sold water lilies and other water plants. I built my first pond and started raising fish and water plants. It started my actual gardening business. I put in a pond for my Mom on her birthday. I really liked the look of it and I also enjoyed creating the little water garden. So I took some pictures and made up a flyer. And so it began and I started getting pond jobs. To date I have put in 35 water gardens, 3 patios, 4 walkways and many other landscaping and hardscaping jobs. I have even dug 2 lakes and one small pond with a bobcat. I so wish I would have done this when I was younger instead of getting into printing. But you cross your bridges when you get to them. And apparently I hadn’t got to that bridge just yet. Anyway, I started getting a lot of water lilies from the plants I was growing and the guy I got them from showed me how to split them. So with extra plants my pond was getting a little crowded. So I put in more ponds at my house and started growing the lilies in all of the 9 ponds. So I then started selling the plants from the water gardens. Which is another one of my favorite of the 13 ways to make money gardening. Because the plants and fish do all the work for you growing while you take care of the rest of your life. Then when it comes time to sell them. You just go out and pull it out of the pond and sell it. Simple as that. And I sell my water lilies for $16 a piece.

Growing And Selling Bamboo Plants

3. Growing and selling bamboo plants is a way of life for me now. I couldn’t imagine my life without it. It provides for me when nothing else is. I even sell it through the winter. Gardening is a seasonal business, but bamboo can be dug year round as long as the ground isn’t frozen. But today the ground was frozen and I still dug and potted some. It makes a challenging task that much harder. But it is dormant so it’s still a good time if you know what you’re doing. I have 49 different species of bamboo and most of them runners. Now growing and selling bamboo is not nearly as easy as the first 2 options, but it does make money gardening. We also remove bamboo for people and this also makes me money. We now sell bamboo all across the United States and I am darn proud of that. In fact we sell all of our products across the U.S. Right through my Amazon Store

Growing And Selling Vegetables

4. Growing and Selling Vegetables is as easy as it sounds. When you start your vegetable plants for sale, just keep some growing for yourself. Sell the produce for profits. It is as simple as that. Now keep in mind that with selling vegetables you will have to take care of the plants until they are done producing vegetables but it is still an easy way to make money gardening. You may need to join a farmers market to sell the vegetables or sell them right from your home. If they are homegrown they will sell. They will sell best out in your front yard probably.

Growing and Selling Perennials

5. Growing and selling perennials is easy because they don’t require a lot of care to grow and reproduce. When they multiply and you dig them to divide, save some and pot them up for sale. I mean you are going to divide them and put them back into the ground anyway. Why not make a little money for your hard work. That is the way I approach each one of these methods. I love plants that multiply. Because they multiply this give you an endless supply of products. Just be sure not to sell them all. I usually grow something for 3 years before I sell any. For one I want to put the work in before I get paid and another is if I sell them right away, I don’t have near as many as I would 3 years later. Plus I know how the plants will grow under my growing conditions. It’s hard to sell plants if you don’t know anything about them. It’s easy to sell them if you know all about them. If you share your knowledge you will get repeat customers. Another great thing about perennials is that they come back every year. So your hard work keeps on paying and paying with enjoyment and money.

Growing And Selling Herbs And Spices

6. Growing herbs is becoming more popular everyday. Fresh herbs taste amazing and are great for cooking with. Fresh herbs bring out the flavor so much better than dried herbs. You would not believe it until you taste it. They are easy to grow and can be grown in a very small area, even indoors. Even in your kitchen window. I have only done this one season and although it wasn’t a huge success, I will be trying again this year. Lots of these herbs will reseed themselves and be back next year if grown outdoors. You can actually sell these. This can start out as a hobby and turn into a business too. I have only sold to relatives so far, but this year they are going on my list of products to sell.

Selling Vegetable Seeds

7. Saving your seed from your crops to either sell or grow the next year is how I do it. It is simple just save the seeds when you eat the vegetables. Sell them the following year. Keep only the best seeds and make sure not to sell old seed. Or you might have some angry customers. Fresh seeds sell easily. Heirloom seeds sell even easier. So make sure and save those seeds to make a little cash next year or grow your vegetable starts with them to sell and make even more money. Seeds sell but little plants will make more money.

Selling Flower Seeds

8. Most if not all flowers seed. That seed is valuable. So if every year you let your seeds rot or fall to the ground you are wasting money. As I said before seeds sell. And people will buy what you have for sale. As long as you make sure and get it in front of them. By ads or however you sell. If you don’t believe me why are you still reading this. Because I didn’t believe it either until I put some up for sale. And bang! I sold some I couldn’t believe it. I mean I already knew people buy seeds, I guess I just never thought they would buy them from me but they do. I sold $56 worth of one kind of seeds. But it’s true and now I sell them on a regular basis. I know it sounds too good to be true but I promise they sell. Flower seeds sell the most for me.

Selling Tree Seeds

9. Do you have trees in your yard? Do they have seeds on them? Then you have another way of making money gardening. Even if you never do anything to the tree except pick off the seeds. They will sell. And they are free. The best part about them. Free. Now put up an ad and start trying to sell them. You will be happy when you sell your first seeds. Or grow them out into little trees and sell the little trees for a lot more.

Selling Seeds of Your Herbs and Spices

10. You can sell the seeds of your herbs and spices too. At the end of the season let your herbs seed and then save them to sell. Seeds sell and herb seeds are no exception. people want to grow their own herbs and spices and will buy them from you. I will have more information after I have grown them for a few more years. I am new to growing herbs and spices still.

Propagating Plants To Sell

11. Propagating plants is another way to make money gardening. Tomatoes in particular need to have the suckers removed for bigger and better tomatoes. Why not take these  and grow them into plants that can be sold. Instead of just throwing them out. Make money off of them. The more plants you have to sell the more money you will make. If you just throw them away you are throwing away profits.

Making Your Own Compost To Sell

12. Making your own compost whether to sell or to use is a very wise decision to make. I have sold my own composted soil before. I once sold 3 truckloads of what I call black gold. It is all organic soil and grows some of the best vegetables you ever tasted. No weeds, no seeds and no meat. Other than that you can use grass clippings, vegetable waste, coffee grinds, tea leaves, egg shells and other materials to make your own soil.

Making Your Own Fertilizer To Sell

13. If you raise animals or fish you have fertilizer. Now most animal waste needs to cure for a year before using but if you raise animals I’m sure you have plenty. Fish waste can be used right away if diluted down a fair amount. Animal waste is high in nitrogen and can burn easily. So be careful what you sell and make sure it works well before selling. And always recommend diluting it down with other soils or water. I will be updating this post 13 ways to make money gardening. If you would like to know more about making money gardening keep reading. Or check out my new post How To Make Money With Your Greenhouse At

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Make Fast Cash: Make Money Gardening

My favorite gardening methods are the ones that make fast cash. Vegetable starts are the fastest way to make money gardening in my opinion. Because you can go from seed to sale within a couple of months. And these plants are pretty much guaranteed to sell. Because we grow them organically. Plain and simple just like that. If you want to sell vegetable starts grow them organic. That is the sole reason for growing your own vegetables. At least that is how I feel. And so do my customers. They want the real deal. And will pay extra for it. You can go buy just about any different kinds of tomatoes and other vegetables. But most are not organically grown. Plus most tomatoes sold today are hybridized. In my opinion that takes away from the quality of the tomatoes.

Make Fast Cash Just Add Water

Anyways some other methods I use to speed up the process are bottom heat and raised beds. If you want to speed up your ways to make fast cash and make money gardening add bottom heat. it makes the roots grow so much faster. And well draining soil is always good for keeping your roots from laying in water. Which will then make them rot. But just keep in mind that the better your soil drains the more watering you will have to do. Because if you are growing vegetable starts they have tiny root systems that can dry out quickly. Also ruining your chances to make fast cash. A well operating system can be run for many years to come. As long as you are replacing the old soil with fresh composted materials and soils. It really is the easiest way I know to make fast cash and make money gardening. For the simple fact that you only have to grow the little plants for a couple of months and they are gone. There is so little work involved that you would be shocked. I mean really after the seeds germinate all you really have to do is just add water and sell.

Make Fast Cash Everyday Until They Are Gone

Once the plants reach a height of just a couple of inches they can be sold. If you get the word out there they will sell. And I bet you will sell every single plant your first year. I wouldn’t believe it either if I hadn’t done it 3 years already. But every year I grow more plants and every year I sell them all. It’s a very big part of my business and even better than that is. When customers come to buy the vegetable starts they see the bamboo. When they see the bamboo I get new bamboo customers. When they see the water lilies in the ponds they sometimes will buy those too. It all comes together pretty nice. Just like this

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Organic Farming

Organic farming is growing fruits and vegetables with nothing but organic methods. Organic soil is the biggest part of organic farming and always will be. Organic farming will always be my only method of farming. I want healthy fruits and vegetables for my family to eat. I don’t want preservatives in my food. And I don’t want pesticides in them either. Organic farming is watering with fresh rain water. Without all of the chlorine or bleaches. Fresh rain water is easy to get with a rain barrel or two. I have about 10 and they always have water in them. It’s free and there is plenty of it. When I finish the other side of my greenhouse completely I will have about 8 more barrels. Organic farming would not be complete without organic fertilizer. Which could be many different types of animal waste, grass clippings, vegetable peelings, coffee grounds, tea leaves, egg shells, and even fish waste from cleaning out a pond. And these are some of the best fertilizers there ever was and that there ever will be.

Organic Farming: Healthy Plants Healthy Produce

The better your plants grow and produce the less likely they are to have pests. It’s no secret that an unhealthy plant is subject to pests. When you grow organic your plants are healthy and vibrant. And can fight off diseases and pests. Keeping them healthy by watering and fertilizing will allow the plant to concentrate on growing great produce instead of fighting off disease. Just keep in mind that over watering and fertilizing can seriously hurt your plants so everything in moderation. Believe me I have been on both ends of the spectrum. In other words never put straight manure on any plant. Always mix your manure with some top soil, sand, clippings, leaves and as much as you can. You must dilute the manure before applying it. So the best thing to use is everything you have.

Organic Farming Mistakes

Look it’s really trial and error. And you may not succeed on your first try. But look at it like this. Your father or grandfather grew their plants like this. Didn’t they? Yes they did. Pause, giving you time to reminisce. That’s how I learned to do it. From my father and grandfather. They helped me now I want to help you. My daughter has learned my business from the ground up and she could probably run it backwards if she wanted to by now. That is really why I do this because I love to help people. Hey I have made many many mistakes at this and everything else I do. And I will be the first to admit it. But I just try to learn from it and help others so they won’t make the same mistakes I did. I mean really what is life all about anyway? Trying to climb the mountain of success and falling down many times before reaching the top. If you try and fail keep trying until you succeed. You will learn from your failures and one day become a great success. But if You do not try at all you can never be successful. Here is a link to just one of my success stories

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