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Plants That Are Easy To Grow And Guaranteed To Sell

Plants that are easy to grow and guaranteed to sell are plants that people buy every gardening season. And every garden season these plants sell. No matter whether it’s rainy or the sun is shining. People buy these plants at an enormous rate. Every year I sell out of most of these plants. Some years I sell everything that I have for sale and I’m left wondering how much more I could have sold. Plants that are easy to grow and guaranteed to sell keep the money rolling in. I have been extremely busy this year. And it’s only getting busier every year. Because people want fresh healthy produce for their families to eat. They want organic grown plants. And that is where the money comes from. When people go to buy vegetable plants they would much rather buy from a backyard grower than a chain store. Which is where they usually end up going unless they find you first.

Vegetable Plants That Are Easy To Grow And Guaranteed To Sell

We all know how easy vegetable plants are to grow. But stop and think about it. Which vegetable plants are easy to grow. And which vegetable plants are guaranteed to sell. Well really that is a pretty good question. But in my opinion there are four vegetable plants that sell the best. The rest just kinda take up space and don’t sell very well. Tomatoes is at the top of that list. Cucumbers is next. Peppers is third on the list and Squash. Yellow and Black Zucchini. You may sell some of the other plants but don’t expect to sell out. With that being said anything other than the top 4 vegetable plants just take up valuable space. Of course I do all of this in my greenhouses so space is limited.

Variety Sells When It Comes to Tomatoes

If there is one thing that I have learned over the last couple of years it is that when it comes to selling tomato plants variety sells. And the lack there of hurts your sales. This year things are gonna be different here. I will offer at least 10 different varieties of tomato plants. I could have sold so many more had I had more varieties of heirloom tomato plants. Now I’m not gonna give away all my secrets in just one post so you will have to come back to find out what other plants that are easy to grow and guaranteed to sell.

Selling Vegetable Plants Has It’s Advantages

The best thing about selling vegetable plants is that you only have to take care of them for a very short period of time and then they are ready to sell. They grow fast and sell fast. With the right kind of determination you will sell them all. Just like I have done for the last 3 years. In my next post I will talk about how to sell plants that are easy to grow and guaranteed to sell. Check out my new store


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Sell 5000 Plants By Next May

Sell 5000 plants by next May. Here is how I plan on doing it. You must first acquire some good seed. Buying them for the first year and growing them out. I always grow some of the plants I am selling so I can save my seed for the following years crops. Then the new seed and the plants you grow and sell will become pure profit. I do this every year. And I run this part of the business almost completely free. Yes I said free. Because I grow them organic nothing cost money. Only the heat that I use and the plants I sell pay for that. So there are really no costs. I will start my first crop of vegetable starts in late January( I have a heated greenhouse). Get them germinated and growing good. Vegetable starts are so easy to grow. And believe it or not most people would rather buy their plants from a backyard grower than a big chain store. And they will come from a good distance if you sell them great products.

Sell 5000 Plants: Getting Started

Start off with about 500-750 plants. Only grow plants that you are sure will sell. Vegetable starts is what I grow and only the most popular veggies. The secret is growing them all organic. Once the first wave of plants is growing well I will move them down the shelf and out of the way. Then I will start a second wave of plants. Once they are going and growing well. I just keep repeating the process until I have the desired amount. In about a month and a half your plants will be ready for sale. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Start selling the plants from the first wave before you start growing the third wave or you’ll end up running yourself out of space and that could lead to a big problem. Don’t start your 4th wave until you have sold over half of the first wave. Depending on how fast they are selling. There will be days when you don’t sell any. Don’t get discouraged because some days you may sell a couple hundred plants in a couple hours.

Use Bottom Heat To Speed Up Germination Of Seeds

I have a heating chamber underneath the table where I start the seeds. This chamber works hard to make my plants grow faster and stronger and it works like a dream. Last year I just bunched them all together and grew them all at the same time. Which made a lot more work for me transplanting them. This year I am going the smart route and growing each in separate containers so no transplanting. When they get big enough I can just sell them in the same containers that I started them in. No extra work. The heating chamber speeds germination rates from 2 weeks to about 5 days. Much faster than without heat. It’s really what I owe my success to. And you have to love gardening.

Selling 5000 Plants Is Not Easy

It is not as easy as it might sound. It takes some effort. But get the word out there in the right place and people will show up to hand you money for the plants. What makes it easier is growing all organic. I can’t stress this enough. People don’t want GMO’s or preservatives in their food they want what nature puts in them. Healthy organic grown vegetables. Good for you and your family. And believe me when I say organic plants sell faster than non-organic plants. One strategically placed ad could have you sold out in a week. Or take them to the farmers markets and sell them. Or you can even spread the word with some nice business cards. I always give my customers a few business cards to share with friends and keep for future business transactions. They work I promise. They bring in friends and relatives of my customers. Or even selling to family and friends. Start out small and build your business. Once you have a good reputation for sell great products you sales will be there every year. I am going to try something new this year and if it works out for me I will be writing a new post about how I sell 20000 plants a year. Good luck to you and I hope you give it your best effort. It will pay off I promise. Then next year maybe you will sell 5000 plants by May.

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Gardening Secrets That Make Fast Money

Gardening secrets are tips and tricks to help you garden for fun or profit. If you are a gardener you probably have many secrets that you have gathered up through the years. Things that worked great and some not so much. But you learned from it and you’ll either be doing it again because it was a success. Or you’ll never make that mistake again. Gardening secrets can either make your plants grow faster or stronger. Or maybe growing to get more produce. Here is one of my gardening secrets. When I plant seeds I use bottom heat to really get them started off right and I use the heat until they are ready to be sold. This way they get the full benefit of the heat right until the minute they are sold. I grow them in my greenhouse so that I can keep the door open and harden the plants off before I sell them also. And I always grow and sell plants that are easy to grow.

Gardening Secrets That Make Easy Money

Another one of my gardening secrets is that I grow and sell vegetable starts. This way I only have to grow them for a short period of time and sell then I’m done with them. They practically do all the work for you. Sure you have to plant them and water them. But that is pretty much it. Except sell them and that part is easy for me. Another one of my favorite gardening secrets is growing organic plants. People love organic grown plants and they will buy them just for this reason. Makes my job so much easier. There are many gardening secrets when you have been in business for a few years. Many of my secrets were learned form my father and grandfathers gardening days. They taught me the old ways and that way still works best in my opinion. Sometimes I find ways to make improvements. But when all else fails I always go back to the old ways. And last but not least is my favorite of the gardening secrets, letting nature do all the hard work for me by growing plants that spread fast.

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Free Garden Soil

Free garden soil is just that free. And I’m going to show you how you can get yours started today. Each week when I mow my grass I have a decision to make. Catch the grass or not. Rake the leaves or not. Here is what I do. Some weeks I catch all the grass and put it into a pile. Some weeks I just cut the grass and leave it where it lays. The reason for this is because if you always catch your grass you are stripping the ground of its vital nutrients. Nutrients that it takes to make free garden soil. If you always catch your grass your lawn will suffer. Because the soil needs to be replenished. Grass grows well when whats cut rots and returns to the ground from where it came if you take that away every week you are starving your lawn. So one week out of the month I return the cut grass to where it came from feeding the lawn the free garden soil it needs to keep growing healthy. The other 3 weeks the grass is picked up and put into the compost pile for later use. If you discard the grass clippings and they are taking it away you just gave up some free garden soil.

Leaves Make Great Free Garden Soil

When the leaves fall I have the same decisions to make. It doesn’t take long before you have a nice pile of rotting yard waste. Which is exactly what makes up good free garden soil. So I will mow the leaves at least one time every year putting them into the lawn hence fertilizing the lawn at no more cost than the gas to run the lawnmower which is a cost you already pay anyway. So in a sense you are killing two birds with one stone. Saving you money on lawn fertilizer. It makes perfect sense if you think about it. The more times you do this the better your grass will look and grow. The only reason I don’t do it every week is because I need the valuable waste for other purposes. I make free garden soil for my other garden beds. And for the soil in my greenhouses. When I mow the leaves back into the soil I makes sure to keep cutting them until they are in small, fine little tiny pieces. This turns them into soil right away benefiting the soil much faster.

Never Put Weeds In Your Free Garden Soil

Putting weed clippings in your compost pile will ultimately cause weeds to grow where you use your free garden soil and we are trying to avoid the weeds not spread them around. Avoid this at all cost or you could end up spreading poison ivy or poison oak all over the place. These two plants can spread from very tiny pieces of cuttings or roots. I always discard the weeds away from the property. I mean after all what are you trying to achieve here? Perfect garden beds and a nice lawn with no weeds correct? Well, here again if you put weeds in your compost you will have weeds wherever you spread that soil. Trust me it will happen. I have made that mistake once and I learned the hard way. Anyway you may think that the heat from the pile would kill any seeds in there. Well I’m here to tell you it won’t. I mean you will never ever have a completely weed free garden. But keeping them at a minimum will surely help. Because let’s face it that is the task that I have the least amount of time for. No seeds means no weeds.

Spreading Your New Garden Soil

When spreading your new soil I just spread it on top and till it into the existing soil. For one it will break up the compacted soil that has lost its vigor. And two it will bring that soil back to life giving you even better soil. I mean you don’t want great soil on top and depleted soil down where the roots are. You want good soil all through it. I use all organic soils. But if you wanted to you could mix in a little 10-10-10 fertilizer and make the soil even better. It’s whatever you want to do. I use all organic soils because I sell all organic products. So I only use 10-10-10 on stuff like my bamboo or some flowers that I grow for my own purposes. I hope you get some great information from this post and check out some of my other posts. Now get out there and start saving your yard waste and make some free garden soil. For great products and services check out

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Cincinnati Bamboo Plants

Cincinnati Bamboo Plants

What is Cincinnati bamboo plants? Simply put it’s bamboo that grows and thrives in the greater Cincinnati area zone 6. Now don’t get me wrong there are years when the bamboo looks terrible after a really cold winter. But Phyllostachys Aureosulcata always pops back after these kinds of winters. I call it old faithful because you can always count on it to come back strong and it never disappoints.

With the coming of winter the new leaves are popping out getting ready to stand up to old man winter. The new shoots are ready and hardened off. Giving the grove it’s new look. And I am here to tell you this stuff actually sells itself. When people see it they just have to have it. Which makes my job a whole lot easier. Man I just can’t begin to tell you how this bamboo changed my life forever and then some. Without it I would be struggling to make ends meet. With it I live comfortably.

Northern Kentucky Bamboo

Northern Kentucky Bamboo has many different types of bamboo that do well here. From ground covers to giant bamboo that tower over the rest. The speed at which these plants grow is nothing short of amazing. When the new shoots pop up in April it only takes three months before they are full size trees. Of course that is from mature groves of this magnificent species. The ground covers have their own unique specialties, like variegated leaves. If you want a pop of color in your garden, you simply must try some of these. They are brightly colored and make great borders or under-story plants. It is just what your garden needs to catch the eye of everyone who walks by. With over 49 different species of running bamboo there is a bamboo for every garden. If you would like to purchase some bamboo plants, just see the secure Pay-Pal buttons in the sidebar on this page. And Gabelman’s Gardens will take care of you right away. We offer  a 2 year guarantee on all of our bamboo plants and we can share all of the knowledge you need to get your grove started today.

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What Is Branding?

Branding is simply taking your company name and making it a household name. A name that can be trusted for everything we do or sell. Branding is putting your name up in lights so to speak. Take that name and get it out everywhere you can. Make it known that you are here to stay! And that you back your products 100%. People love to be treated great and they expect great service. So if you give them great service and stand behind your product you will have great success. Set goals and work hard to achieve them. You can do this. I did and I was very skeptical at first.

Getting Started Branding

When branding a new company it is best to pick a name that is easy to remember. Or something that catches your attention. It could even be funny, but then people might not take you serious. It is one of the most important decisions in branding so take your time and make sure it’s what you really want. Nothing sucks worse than promoting you company like crazy only to decide that you need to change the name of the company or the phone number. Been there done that a few times. I have had a couple different company names over the years until I found the right one for me. It is catchy and easy to remember. Plus it helps people to associate my name with my company. Look up my name and you’ll find my company. Or look up my company and you’ll find my name. You have got to stay on top of your game to keep your company successful. And that means getting your name out everywhere. It works or I wouldn’t even be writing about it. And I can show you how.

Make Your Brand Stand Out Or Above The Rest

When you bring knowledge to the table you take away the advantage of the competition. Because it seems like the big stores just want your money. Then get out. Well, not here because we value your friendship and we will take our time and prove it. We will work with you and insure you get exactly what you’re looking for and no add on prices. Just great deals every time and the knowledge to grow your new plants successfully.

Where Can I Get Help With Branding My New Company?

Branding is also about logos and packaging materials such as business cards, labels, letterhead, envelopes all with your brand name on them. It’s really all about getting your name out there and getting people to buy your products. Or go to your website. Spreading the word so to speak.

Branding can get expensive and can get a little involved. But here is where I can really help you get started. As I have been running printing presses for over 29 years. We have what you need to get your company off to a great start. We have designers, pre-press, printing and packaging. We can get you everything you need to start your business off right. At very reasonable prices. And our fast turn around time is incredible. We can print anything you need and package your products if needed. I will also teach you how I spread the word. Want to know more contact me Jeff Gabelman (859)242-1602. My Brand is Gabelmans Gardens. Or Right Now we have great deals going on with our bamboo screening plants. But You must visit our store to take advantage of these bamboo specials as these bamboo plants are 15-20 ft tall. We have bulk pricing deals or we can sell you just one plant. We are happy to serve all customers.

Gabelman Gardens

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