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Business Ideas That Make You Money

Business ideas are just that ideas. But if you want to make them work. Then you are going to have to work for it. And sometimes it can be an enormous amount of work and sometimes not so much. I personally like the not so much ways better. But still no matter what you business ideas are they will still take some amount of work to implement them. Making money gardening is what I do best. And I couldn’t be happier with the way my new business is taking off. WOW! What an incredible year I’m having. I just took my business to the next level and starting shipping plants across the United States. And let me tell you it has just been crazy. Now you can get your plants shipped right to your door and never have to leave the house. Man I love that. Because when I’m in my greenhouse I am in the zone. The zone that keeps me and my family happy and healthy. Gardening for money is one of the best business ideas I have ever thought of. Because it’s easy for me. I don’t know why? I guess because I enjoy growing plants.You show me a garden and I’ll show you how to take it to the next level and make money gardening. I am definitely in my element when I’m in any garden. I think that some of the best business ideas are the ones that don’t require a lot of work to maintain them. Like growing plants once the hard work is done you just have to water them and pick the produce. The sun and rain does all the rest. My kinda business.

Good Business Ideas

A good business idea is one that will stand the test of time. And produce for you year after year without faltering. Like growing plants. Everyone will always need fresh healthy vegetables to eat. That’s where you come in. If you can grow vegetables you can make money. You don’t even have to grow the plants to maturity. You can grow them for a few weeks and sell them as starters. I do it every year and it is always a great success. This year is no exception. I sold out of every starter I grew and could still be selling them if I had more. Guess what? Next year I will have triple the amount I had this year. Hey! When something works do more of it. Over and over again until you get the desired effect. Growing and selling vegetable starts always works well for me. Now results may vary. But I truly believe you get out of it what you put into it. And I’m living proof. Because I have put in the time and now I’m really seeing the benefits of my hard work.

The Best Business Ideas

The best business ideas are the ones that take almost no work at all. Like growing water lilies. It’s almost no work at all. You put the plants in your pond and you don’t touch them again until they are ready to sell. No watering because they are growing in water. Old blossoms will sink to the bottom. And hardy water lilies come back every year. I mean it can’t get much easier than that. Maybe raising fish because the fish breed with no intervention. Just another of my great business ideas. Keep reading on down the page for more great business ideas.

by Jeff Gabelman


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Greenhouse Garden All The Right Stuff

Inside My Greenhouse Garden

My Greenhouse garden is my saving grace when it comes to gardening on this property. A greenhouse garden is a way for me to keep the animals from eating everything I grow. Tomatoes, green beans, corn, cucumbers, yellow squash, and zucchini. Inside my greenhouse garden I control most of what goes on in there. Climate, moisture, even the soils. I garden with only organic methods so it’s pretty easy for me. Plus I have a green thumb so I can grow just about anything. But I love the greenhouse garden because I can garden in the rain or snow. The weather doesn’t stop me and I truly love that. With just a little heat you can garden all year long. I can grow late into the winter and I love that. With my new hydroponic system running I can do a lot more. More time for other greenhouse garden activities.

Greenhouse Garden Trying New Methods

In the greenhouse garden there is room for error, because if it doesn’t work tear it out and try something else. There are no set rules in the greenhouse garden you can do anything you want well within the limits of the law. My methods and things I grow are all legal and within the law. You can make money gardening growing all different types of plants. My favorite is selling vegetable starts. They are quick and easy to grow. They grow well with my organic methods. I am growing some tomato plants hydroponically and they are doing very well. Organic hydroponics is my new method of choice. That is the use of compost tea as my mineral base and its working fantastically. I can’t wait to see them producing tomatoes. So don’t be afraid to try new things they might just work! And the rewards could be great. I once tried starting vegetables from seed just to sell a few and make my money back. Now, its a big part of my business and I wouldn’t run my business without it. That was just one thing I tried and it worked. I once tried selling water lilies and now I’ve been selling them for 15 years now. You can’t succeed if you never try. But if you put in the effort it will pay off. I am living proof of that. I started my Bamboo business with $75. And built it up to 47 different species of Bamboo. I built my greenhouse for $220. And it makes me lots of money. Greenhouse gardening is now a huge part of my business.

by Jeff Gabelman

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Hydroponics A New Beginning

Hydroponics is gardening without the use of soils. Hydroponics is a new beginning for me. because up til now I have only used basic methods to garden. Plus I garden organically. So I use compost tea for my nutrient base. I’m new at this so please be patient. But basically I built an ebb and flow system. I used a gutter that I purchased for about $6 at the local depot. I use a pond pump with an extra sock filter over it to keep out the big particles. Using compost tea there will always be some residuals floating around in there. So basically I just will flood the system about every 20 minutes or so and we start there. The beauty of using compost tea is that you can not over fertilize. But you can still over water so be careful at first to not over do it.

Hydroponics Ebb And Flow

In hydroponics there are many different methods. Ebb and flow is the one I choose because it seems to be the cheapest method. Basically you just flood(ebb) the system and let it drain(flow) every 15 or 20 minutes and that’s it. I love gardening cheap. If I can do it for free even better. After all I am doing this to save money and to make money gardening you gotta try to find the cheapest ways. Which will save you money which will then make you more money. Find what works and multiply it several times over and over. I mean you are already doing it once or twice why not five or ten more times. If this works I will have these all over my greenhouse. I haven’t gotten the soil less medium yet but as soon as I finish this post I’m going to get it. Hydroponics is all new to me but I will figure it out and learn many different and new ways to garden for money. Hydroponics is just another way to make money gardening.

Easy Hydroponics Gardening

Hydroponics is one of the easiest ways to garden. Because you just set it and forget it. Once you system is set up to run 24/7 it’s as easy as wrapping the plants around the string and that’s about it. You will have to refresh your nutrient base to keep the plants growing healthy but that’s easy just fill up the reservoir with fresh compost tea. And the rest of my plants get watered with the same compost tea. I use compost tea. It works great and saves me money. It’s pretty darn simple. Gardening made simple with the use of compost tea. I like it because you can’t really over fertilize with compost tea. Because the base of the compost tea is all organic there are no chemical burns from over fertilization. And that is how to make money gardening.

by Jeff Gabelman

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Perennial Gardening A Gardeners Dream

Perennials Rock

A perennial is a plant that comes back year after year. Perennial gardening is simply gardening with perennials. Only I put a little spin on it. With no extra work involved. Unless of course you want to spread that perennial all over your gardens or yard. A perennial to me means I do a little work and get to enjoy it for many years to come. A perennial is my kinda plant. It spreads and provides even more enjoyment. For me perennials make money gardening. Because I dig them divide them and sell them. Always keeping some for myself. And in my landscape perennials rule. And let me tell you perennials make a small garden design rock!

Perennial Gardening

Perennial Gardening

Plants like daffodils, tulips, water lilies, day lilies, iris, the list goes on and on. There are literally thousands of them. One thing I love about the perennial is the fact that I only have to plant it once and the work is done. Mother nature will do most of the work for me. In fact with water plants you don’t even have to water them. I sell many perennials at my nursery or garden center Gabelmans Gardens (859)242-1602 feel free to give us a call.

Perennial Gardening My True Passion

Look the real reason I love gardening so much is because it’s easy for me. I plant it. And it grows. I sell some and make money gardening. Now you have got to like that. It’s practically free. Now don’t get me wrong there is usually a small investment to get the plants to start with. But I never buy plants that I think will not sell. Unless it’s for hobby purposes. I always buy plants that I know I can make my money back with. Keeping in mind that it is illegal to propagate and sell some plants. It’s up to you to find out what plants can be sold and what can not. Do your research first before buying plants. Only buy plants that can be sold legally by you. If you buy plants to resell them make sure you buy plants that sell easily. And sell a lot of.

Perennial Gardening For Fun Or Profit?

Which ever you decide perennial gardening will provide you with years of enjoyment. I like it for many different reasons. But making money is my favorite reason of all. I mean you get to have the enjoyment of beautiful plants and you get to make money from them as well. You can’t go wrong. And then when you see your hobby make you money you will have a whole new perspective on gardening for money I guarantee it. Just start small and grow your business slowly. It’s fun and easy. You can do it. Make money gardening and you’ll be doing something you love. And getting paid for it. In two more maybe one year I will be totally reliant on my perennial gardening business. I grew it slow and steady always adding products along the way. Never made a big investment yet and it is totally working for me. Start off with the plants you already grow and add a few each year. It works or I wouldn’t even be writing this.

Perennial Gardening In My Greenhouse

If you have a greenhouse you can take it one step further. You can do you propagation in there. I grow all year long now with the help of a tiny heater and some innovation. I grow all my props in the greenhouse and produce many new plants like this for free. Now this is when you can really start making the money. When you can mass produce many different kinds of plants that sell easily. Stuff like hydrangea and other easy plants to propagate. Garden ideas are what make money. And the more you garden the more ways you come up with to make money gardening. My biggest ways are to add more products. The more products I offer the more I sell with very little added work. After all nature is doing most of the work for me. So get out there and start your perennial gardening today and make money gardening.

by Jeff Gabelman

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Work From Home Make Money Gardening

Work from home and you decide how.Gardening is a great way to work from home. It only takes a few hours a day to get your gardens under control. With that being said you can also work from home and put in full time hours to make money gardening. There are many different ways to make money gardening. I use quite a few of them myself. Water gardening, greenhouse gardening, vegetable gardening, bamboo gardening, perennials and trees. All done from the comfort of home. There is nothing like it. Working for yourself is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. I mean if you stop and think about it. There is no limit on the amount of money you can make. No bosses telling you what you got to do today. You decide all of that. You can make upwards of 400 to 1000 dollars on any given day. Now tell me where you can do that working for someone else? And I’ll say better keep that job. But I don’t think its out there.

Work From Home Make Money Gardening

Work From Home Make Money Gardening

Now I’m doing it full time and loving every minute of it. I am in the process of figuring out what I can grow in the winter months. So it is still a work in progress. But it will decide whether or not I can actually do this during the winter months. I’m very close to being self sufficient. I love being able to work from home. It just makes your whole life better. You will love it I guarantee it. But you can’t just drop everything and start your own business and expect it to run full force. It takes time and hard work. That is why I started small and gradually build on my experiences with gardening. You are going to need the help and support of your family and friends. But it will benefit them as well. Giving your family and friends the opportunity to help you and make money gardening. My family and friends do a lot to help me with my business in many different ways. Whether it is digging plants, or answering the phones. My business is supported by the people around it. It is expanding and creating jobs. Which is exactly what a great business does. And believe me when I say this is a great business to be in.

Work From Home And Let The Good Times Roll

When you work from home you get to spend more time with your family. You just have more free time than you ever had. I mean I can go out take care of a customer come back inside and work on my websites. That’s what I do in my spare time. When you work from home you get to decide your own hours. Write your own paychecks. While the plants are growing you have plenty of time to do other things. Let nature do the work for you by growing the plants. You just have to dig them to sell. Or you may only need to get them out of a pond. Which takes about 5 minutes and sell them. Easy money is how I make money gardening. The easier it is the more time you have to do other things that make money. Like digging up flowers to sell. Or propagating plants that are easy to propagate. The simpler it is the better your life will be. And that is a fact. Once you start making money from home you will love it when people bring you money right to your door or money going in your accounts while you sleep. It’s really happening just like I say and I’m loving every minute of it.

Working From Home You Are The Boss

You make all the rules and you make all the money. Making money gardening is fun and easy. You can work from home and make a living. It might take some time to build your business, but if you take your time you will make money gardening. Making money gardening is one of the easiest ways I have ever made money. Every year I improve on the many plants that I grow and sell. I sell plants that are hard to get. And I sell plants that sell over and over again like vegetable starts. Every year I know I can count on that part of my business to make some serious cash, fast. And let me tell you they sell out every year. The more plants you offer the more customers will buy. But always grow the plants that sell easily. It’s easy and fun to sell your own plants and work from home.

by Jeff Gabelman


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Make Money Gardening Plants

Here are some tips to make money gardening plants. If you can garden you can make money gardening plants. Simply put if you can put in in the ground and it will grow you can make money gardening plants. If you can put plants in a water garden you can make money gardening plants. Think about it. If you like to garden you have many plants growing. When you divide these plants keep some out for sale. I do it all the time with just about every plant I grow. I grow plants that sell easily. I grow plants that are in great demand. Here are some of the plants I grow and sell.


Make Money Gardening Plants

Make Money Gardening Plants

Bamboo, water lilies, lotus, forget me knots, Easter lilies, day lilies, iris, Hosta, eastern Red Bud tree, hydrangea and many more to many to mention. But you get the idea.

How Did I Start To Make Money Gardening Plants?

Well about 17 years ago I started noticing great landscapes. Some of the stone work I saw amazed me. Then I saw something that opened up my eyes. It was a huge waterfall spilling into this giant pond with Koi swimming all around in it. That was all it took. I wanted a pond with a waterfall. And so I went to the big box store and bought a little kit for a pond. I put it in for my Mother on mothers day. She loved it. So we went to this pond class together. When we came out we looked at each other and said we need a bigger pond. So this time I went and bought a huge piece of liner and built a new pond. Well then my Dad had to have one so I put one in for him as well. He loved it. I thought man I could start building these for people. And I did. I have installed 37 watergardens with waterfalls. So getting back to the original purpose of this story. I bought some water lilies for the ponds from a guy down the street. He told me he was going out of business soon and wondered if I had any interest in taking over the business. He taught me a lot about water gardens and waterlilies. And so it began I put a sign in my front yard that said water lilies and people came. I made a lot of money that first year. So I just kept it up and expanded into other areas of gardening. Now I make money gardening plants. And its as simple as that.

Make Money Gardening Plants In The Greenhouse

From there I just kept on expanding my capabilities and built the greenhouse. Which was the best decision I ever made gardening. Because if you really want to make money gardening plants you gotta get a greenhouse. Its crazy how much you can grow in a small amount of space like that. I love growing plants in the greenhouse because you have so many options. You control the way the plants grow without having to worry about the weather destroying your crops. I wouldn’t give up my greenhouse for anything accept a bigger greenhouse. Got to run. I hope you learned some new ways to make money gardening plants.

by Jeff Gabelman

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