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Make Money Gardening Guaranteed

Make money gardening guaranteed is my proven methods to make money gardening. Now there are many different ways to do this. I will show you how I have done it. First thing is you must have the land to do this with. 1/4 of an acre is sufficient but the more room you have the better. Here is how I started. I went to the nearest Home Depot and bought a kit to put in a water garden for my Mom on Mother’s Day. Me and a friend of mine put in the little water garden kit in just 8 hours. Now I had never done this type of work before but was interested in raising some fish as a hobby. Went down the street and bought some fish at the local pet store. Then I went to a guys house who sold water lilies. Little did I know this would be the start of my new career. When I met this gentleman whose name was Ron he completely changed my way of thinking about the hobby I had started. Because I could possibly turn this into something. What he said was he was going to be giving up the business in a couple of years and had a very long list of customers who would buy the plants he sold. Ding, ding, ding went the light above my head.

The Start Of Something New

I could make money gardening guaranteed. Because I already had the people to buy plants from me. He was giving it up do to his age he just couldn’t keep up with it much longer. This gave me time to get established and build up a stock of water lilies and other water plants to sell. Now I just needed more ponds, bigger ponds and of course some customers. Well then I thought I could advertise putting in the water gardens and then I would get new customers for my plants. And so it began. Now I can make money gardening guaranteed. To this day I have installed 19 water gardens with waterfalls, 4 lakes, patios, walkways, retaining walls and many countless number of Bamboo privacy screens. I have removed 36 bamboo groves and sold most of the bamboo that I grow and remove. I currently have 50 different species of bamboo and many other perennials, trees and water plants. I have never been so happy running my own business and I can’t believe how big it has grown. I also sell organic vegetable starts in the spring and summer from my greenhouse. I can honestly say I love my job so much that I am now making a great living from my own hard work and the boss is pretty cool too. LOL.

Other Ways To Make Money Gardening Guaranteed

Perennials, trees and shrubs add to the product list. How about vegetable starts? All of these plants have made and continue to make money gardening guaranteed. And as the years go on the products keep coming. I love everything about my business. You plant it and it grows. You dig it up and sell it. You cut it down and build products from it. Your garden is just like your bank. It really is a great feeling knowing that you can make your own money. And you don’t have to rely on anyone else to get a paycheck. Greatest feeling in the world I’m here to tell you. Don’t believe me? Check out my Amazon Store and get your garden started and you can start to make money gardening guaranteed.  So if you’re wondering why I haven’t updated my site lately, it’s because I have been busy selling my products. Like I said it’s make money gardening guaranteed.

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Gardening For Money: Building Sustainable Gardens

Building Sustainable Gardens

Building sustainable gardens is simple don’t plant the plant unless it is going to help you somehow. Plants that multiply can be very sustainable plants. Building sustainable gardens is just like it sounds plants that keep on giving back to your way of life. Like planting tomatoes if you keep some seed back for next year they will keep on giving you great plants every year. For free I might add. If you are like me and like to grow them for canning. You can not only save money but, you can enjoy homegrown tomatoes all year long. Now if you sell some of the tomatoes even better. But the point is that all the plants in your garden are good for something. Like bamboo the possibilities are endless. I can use bamboo for many different products or just things around the house or garden. Or I can sell the plants. So it just keeps on giving because of its construction capabilities. The list just keeps on going on and on. But building sustainable gardens doesn’t have to be tomatoes or bamboo, it could be as simple as perennial flowers or trees grown from seed. The point is if that plant can provide you with money or barter options it benefits you to grow them. And nature does most of the work for you. You just enjoy the benefits of your gardens being full of the plants you grow and sell or trade.

Building Sustainable Gardens Using Organic Methods

Building sustainable gardens using organic methods is the best and easiest way to make this all happen. For one its free and two its actually pretty easy to do. With thousands and thousands of plants you can grow your initial cost will be repaid to you with the plants you sell. Everything after that will be free. Your only job is to keep it alive and keep it growing rapidly. By watering when needed and putting some homemade compost around them from time to time. You are going to get the best results using organic methods and your customers will respect your plants a whole lot more than those that have been overdosed with chemicals. In my opinion people want to go back to their roots and grow like they did 30 to 40 years ago. The methods are so much healthier for our fruits and vegetables. They produce healthier plants and use no pesticides. After all pest only attack unhealthy plants. Using organic compost can help with this problem.

Building Sustainable Raised Gardens

Building raised beds gives you plants better drainage in the case of sudden floods. And will also keep them from being washed away. With all the rain we had this year everyone has had trouble with their gardens. Especially tomatoes. I don’t know if this had anything to do with the skins being very tough or not. But I do know that people within 25 miles of me are experiencing the same thing. And I have talked to many people about it and seen it as many farmers markets. I have a feeling that the tough skins are from too much rain. The reason I have come to this conclusion is that the plants in the greenhouse have tomatoes with soft skins. They were watered regularly and were in raised bed gardens that had better drainage than those in the outdoor garden. Good drainage is more important than I thought. It’s funny how the more things you do, you don’t always realize what you learn until you find yourself putting it to use. Most of my gardening experience comes from just doing things over and over again improving each time I do it. Building sustainable gardens bigger and better every year. Visit my Amazon Store to check out my products.

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Gardening With Organic Methods

Gardening with organic methods allows you to grow healthy fruits and vegetables for your family to eat. With the way the world is today, now is the time to start learning how to grow your own food. There may come a time in the very near future that you depend on it for your family’s survival. Gardening with organic methods is not hard to do. You make the waste that makes your soil. Things like grass clippings, leaves, egg shells, tea or coffee grinds. Fish pond waste, and the waste from vegetables and fruits. Mix that with some good old garden dirt and you’ve got organic soil. Plant your seed and water with rain water that you catch in your rain barrels. And you have organic gardening. Get you some heirloom seed and you are all set. I am growing with organic methods this year and every year. I honestly think the vegetables taste better being grown organic.

Free Gardening With Organic Methods

The best part of gardening with organic methods is it’s free. That is what my whole business concept is free. I mean don’t get me wrong. It’s not completely free. But there are ways to make it free. Once you do it enough you will figure out ways to make it free. There are so many ways to make money gardening with organic methods. If you sell the plants you grow you make money. It’s that simple. If you work hard enough to sell your plants you can make a living doing this. If you keep expanding your list of products you can gain some ground and have more products available. The more products you have available, the more people will buy them. Now you must provide great service and quality products or you will go nowhere fast. Service is more important than anything. No one wants to buy a plant from you just to have it die. I had this happen to me a couple of times trying to grow some black bamboo(Phyllostachys Nigra). I bought two of them and they both died. I was very disappointed so I know how it feels. Which is exactly why I guarantee the plants I sell. Sure I have had to replace a few but the smile on the face of the customer says it all for me. And the next time they want to buy they will remember this experience. And they always come back. All of my bamboo are grown with organic methods.

Making Money Gardening With Organic Methods Is Easy and Fun

I grow and sell organic vegetable starts. They are fun and easy to grow. Easy to transplant and fun to sell. Selling them is the best part. It means I can make some room to transplant some more. They are easy to sell being grown organic. Everyone wants organic grown vegetables, because they taste the best. I am still waiting on my first tomato to ripen. 7/23/2015 I got started very late because we have been getting so much rain around here. I have had customer come to buy plants because they were starting over. The rain had destroyed their garden. So I am glad I held some plants back. Because you just never know. I have sold out once again. Another successful year in the books. I love it it works every year. With a little leg work you can sell these plants. Next year will be huge. I can’t wait. Like what you read. Keep reading. I will show you many ways to make money from home gardening with organic methods. Or you can visit my Amazon Store and check out all of our products.

Thank You

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