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Growing Plants For Profit: Can I Make Money Gardening?

Growing plants for profit is easy to do. But don’t get me wrong it does take some work. The amount of work is completely up to you. What I mean is do you want to do this as a business or just a hobby? Can I make money gardening? The answer is yes. Now how much money do you want to make? The amount you want to make determines how much work you will have to do. Because even though it may be fairly easy to grow most plants, it will take more work to grow and sell more plants. The work may be easy but if you want to make a lot of money you will have to sell more plants, which means more work. But the way I look at it is I enjoy doing this kind of work so its just getting paid to do something I love. So its almost like I’m not even working at all. I believe that is the answer to a happy working life. And I will tell you why I feel like this. Because for the last 29 years I have been doing work that I really don’t like, but I am very good at it. So I have succeeded where others have failed. It feels good but after awhile the pressure gets to you. With gardening for money there are no expectations. We make what we make and that’s it. There are no rules. There are no bosses looking over your shoulders. Its just gardening for money. And you get a lot of help from nature. Growing plants for profit started as a hobby for me and is now a nice business. And I wish I would have started growing plants for profit a long time ago. I can’t even imagine where I would be if I had started running my business 29 years ago.

Growing Plants For Profit: Make Money Gardening

Growing plants for profit is a great business for me because I love to garden and I am lucky enough to be good at it. You may sit there and think(I could never do that). But you can I promise. Its easy once you get started. I was lucky enough to be able to build a greenhouse using mostly recycled materials. And I never really thought I would finish it, but I was determined. And now that greenhouse makes me money every single year. With little to almost no effort from me. I mean don’t get me wrong there is work involved but its not that much and it is fun and easy work. I love watching the little seeds pop new little plants that turn into cash soon there after. Its what I do and what I love. It relieves stress knowing you have the little plants growing for you. Its just like money in the bank. Growing plants for profit is something I will do for the rest of my life now. Growing plants for profit is the smartest decision I ever made in my life as far as making money goes. Everyday my business grows just like the plants I sell. People will be buying plants until the end of time and I hope to be there to provide them with these plants. But you can’t just sit and think about it you have to take the first steps to make it happen. And it gets easier once you see the little plants start growing. I like plants that grow fast, spread easily, and can be split or cloned. Anytime you can take advantage of these types of plants you should by all means necessary. But propagating and selling plants can get you into trouble if you sell the wrong plants. Be sure to check your state and federal laws determining the sale of plants in your area and what plants you are allowed to sell. Or you may find yourself in serious trouble. That is why I grow most of my plants from seed. My seed comes from the plants that I grow myself.

Make Money Growing Plants for Profit By Selling Plants You Already Grow

In the past year I have sold 3 different plants that have been growing in my yard since we moved here over 40 years ago. I never planted them and I always saw them as a weed. Little did I know there were a lot of people who would buy these plants. Needless to say I was shocked when I sold them all. And then the light-bulb went off in my head. The possibilities are endless. I could do this. I could do that. I have thousands of ideas swirling around up there now. And one by one the ideas will be tried. Success or failure I will keep trying and learning what works and what doesn’t. But the little bonuses along the way always help to keep you inspired. I never dreamed I would one day be running my own nursery growing plants for profit. But it is real and its real fun working from home growing plants for profit. The best part is not having to leave the house to make money gardening. If you’ve been thinking about growing plants for profit and you would like to learn how to do it. I teach a course on growing plants for profit. It is a two week course where you will learn my proven methods of growing plants for profit. The cost is $50 for the 4 hr course. These are guaranteed methods and will have you making money your first year. How much money is completely up to you. If you would like to see some proof of my success check out my Amazon Store I hope you pursue your new ideas about growing plants for profit.

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Gardening To Make Money: What Can I Grow?

Gardening to make money has no set rules or guidelines. It’s really all about you and what you are willing to do to accomplish the goals you have set. The way I do it is start off small and grow my business. Gardening to make money is fun and easy to do. No matter what kind of plants you are growing. It all about what you want to do. For me it is making as much money as I can as fast as I can. There are thousands of plants you can grow to make money gardening. I grow and sell about 50 or 60 different kinds of plants. But here again I started out small just selling waterlilies. And then I started selling some of the flowers in the yard. Next I found some bamboo and planted it. Three years later I was selling bamboo plants.

Organic Gardening To Make Money

Organic gardening to make money is the reason I am successful. Because I grow and sell organic vegetable starts I can sell every plant I grow. People want healthy organic fruits and vegetables for their families to eat. They don’t want GMO’s. Organic gardening to make money will grow and be successful for this very reason. We don’t want poison in our food. We want taste not quantity. We want to be proud that we grew our own food. We want our children to grow up strong and healthy. And this comes from eating organic grown fruits and vegetables. And believe me when I say I am proud that I grow some of my own food. And provide others with great  healthy organic grown vegetable starts. Organic gardening is the easiest way to grow your fruits and vegetables for the simple fact that it is free. Because everything you use is organic materials to grow with. If you save your seeds from fruits and vegetables  it can be totally free.

Gardening To Make Money Serious Business

Gardening to make money is serious business and must be taken as such. It takes some work and some patience. But with hard work and real enthusiasm you can be a success at this. Gardening to make money is fairly simple if you choose the right plants to sell. I grow and sell plants that multiply with little or no help at all. I mean think about it for a second if the plant does most of the work then what have I got to lose. it takes a little work to get the plants ready for sale. But that is minimal compared to the work the plant did to get itself ready to sell. Remember there are no rules when gardening to make money. So you can sell most plants. I do my best to provide the plants that people want to buy. What I mean is I grow and sell the plants that sell the most. I wouldn’t plant a bunch of seeds of plants no one wants. Because I would be stuck with a bunch of plants that no one wants. Instead I want to sell the plants that sell out every year. This is where your business mind takes over because you are constantly looking for easier, better ways to make money gardening.

What Can You Grow?

What plants have you grown with success. That is where I would start. I mean what works for me may not work for you. Whatever you have grown is a great place to start. You can sell lots of different kinds of plants even thing you never thought you could sell. most of the plants I sell already grow here. And I even sell the seeds  of the plants that grow in my yard. It works out pretty well for me. I have sold stuff that has been growing here for over 40+ years. And I started it as a joke but they sold so good I kept on selling them.

Gardening To Make Money How To Start

You could start by selling some of the flowers in your garden. Whenever dividing plants save some back to pot up and sell. Or go buy some seeds and start some plants to sell. I started growing waterlilies and then I tried some seeds off of my Hosta. They grew and I sold them. I kept some to plant in the yard. But the only problem was that it took too long to grow them to sizes that would sell. So at first I was giving them away to people who bought other plants from me. They like them so much they came back to buy some. So I then started selling them. It was really that easy. Put up an ad and sold the rest of them. So that’s when I decided I needed to grow something that I could grow fast and sell shortly there after. And so began my quest to grow and sell vegetable starts. These were a big hit with my customers and still are. They have become a large part of my gardening to make money business. I could not run without them now. And its all about the growing methods. Organic gardening is the reason for my success and I can’t say enough about it. Gardening to make money can reduce stress in your life by having fun doing what you like. I love growing plants for a living. If you would like to see my Amazon Store go here

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Making Money With Your Greenhouse

How To Start Making Money With Your Greenhouse

Making money with your greenhouse is fun and easy to do. No matter what you want to grow and sell there are thousands upon thousands of plants you can grow for profit. Just think about using your space to make the most profit. Because depending on the size of the plant you will only have so much room. That is why I talk so much about the vegetable starts. They take up the least amount of room. They are my plant of choice. Along with many other plants that I grow outdoors. But in the greenhouse it’s all vegetable starts for me. They are the fastest to grow and sell. And I can sell them small. So with them being small I can grow a lot more plants than any other plants. And the total time spent growing them is just a couple of months. It is the fastest way to make money with your greenhouse or at least that I have found yet. But even still I am on my quest for an even easier plant to grow and sell. The soul reason for doing this is to provide for my family. No matter how much I make I just keep on trying. Nothing will stop me. My greenhouse makes this all possible for me. So if you have an old greenhouse that is just sitting there collecting dust and falling down put it to work for you. It’s not that much work. Start making money with your greenhouse just like I do. It is possible.

Making Money With Your Greenhouse Selling Other Plants

The first plants I grew and sold were Hosta that I grew from the seed of my plants. And I did well. But the problem was it took 2 years before they were big enough to sell. So if I were to sell Hosta again I would start them each year and keep starting them each year and I would always have a nice supply of plants to sell each and every year. Which is exactly what I plan on doing this year. The only bad thing about this is you have to keep them watered all year long. Which is a big deal when you are not selling any at the time. And what I mean by that is in the winter I don’t go to the greenhouse as much as I do in the other 3 seasons. And things have a way of getting forgotten about. Which is very easy to do in the winter. In the other 3 seasons you are making money with your greenhouse and you can’t forget that. So you always take special care to take care of the plants that are making you money. So you are always checking them and babying them. But when it gets cold out you are not making any money from there so it is easy to just say oh I’ll do it tomorrow. Then you put it off again and soon the plants are dying or dead. This is depressing. So if you only grow plants that you can take care of when you spend most of your time there, then it makes perfect sense. Plus it only takes a couple of months to grow the vegetable starts and your time is limited to get them ready in time for gardening season. It is the perfect plant to grow when making money with your greenhouse. And I don’t think I will ever find a plant that works better for me. You may have a different experience. Or you may find a plant that works better for you. But as for me the vegetable start is the plant that best suits my purposes for its ease of growth and small amount of time to care for it.

If You Are Serious About This You Will Be Making Money With Your Greenhouse

It is just like anything else the more you put in the more you get out. So you must take it seriously or you could lose a bunch of money or plants. Forgetting to water in the heat of summer can destroy your whole crop of plants. Don’t get me wrong there will be mistakes made. But if you don’t give up you can be successful at making money with your greenhouse. Just start out small until you know what you can handle. It can get a little overwhelming at times. When customers come for plants at the same time it can get a little crazy. Just take you time and be patient. I once had four different customers at the same time all wanted different kinds of plants. Some were large orders of bamboo and some were just a few vegetable starts. Either way all customers get the same treatment. If they drove there from far away they will wait patiently. Like I said it gets a little crazy sometimes. But I love doing what I do and I wouldn’t want to do anything else. Running your own business is fun and when people start bringing you money you will love it even more. There’s nothing like the feeling of knowing I can make money right here at my home. Or right in the backyard. Making money with your greenhouse is one of my favorite ways to make money because it is so easy. And I sell plants that are guaranteed to sell every year. And every year it gets bigger and bigger. Organic gardening is easy and fun to do. And the cost of organic gardening is free. You can grow organic vegetables for free. I love it. Call me a cheapskate if you want but if I can do it for free. You know I am going to. That is what I love about this the most its free. With all the other types of gardening I do I have plenty of fertilizer. Water gardens provide lots of fish waste. Plus the fish fertilize the plants in the water garden which I also sell. It all comes together for me. And I am loving every minute of it. In just a month and a half and my plants will be ready to sell. I am two weeks in and the first crops are still germinating. As soon as the weather breaks they will already be well on their way to making me a nice profit this year. This is the earliest I have ever started growing the plants. But I will not be behind this year like I was last year. I could have sold a lot more plants if I had started earlier. I hope this post helps you to start making money with your greenhouse. Now go check out my Amazon Store

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